Chessters – Our Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

April 12, 2018 at 03:26pm

Dale:                      One of the products we make here at Rhino, which is the owner’s love, is the Chesster. Now the Chesster currently doesn’t have national distribution, it’s more of a regional product. But it’s very – it’s really a cult product. People love it. When people eat a Chesster and you ask somebody’s who had a Chesster, they’ll go, “Oh, I love Chessters!”

Dale:                      That product is different (from other ice cream cookie sandwiches) because it’s made with a custard. Now a custard is different from other ice creams because custard has a standard of identification. Which means it has to meet … There’s a group, it’s called a code of regulation in the US through the FDA, that determines what the identification of a food product is. Well, a custard fits onto one of those categories, that means it has to have 1.4% egg solids in it or egg yoke in it, to the weight of the product.

Dale:                      What’s different about it is not just that, but the flavor. So if you’ve ever had a (frozen) custard before or ever eaten it, you bite into it and there’s a richness to it, a creaminess to it. It has just enough egg flavor and it gives it an extra flavor. It has become more popular around the US, but it’s well-known in the eastern part of the country and the central part of the country. You see a lot of egg custard and we make that here. That’s one of the kind of special products that we make here.