Ted Castle

Ted Castle

Rhino Foods has spent forty years working to live up to our purpose: Impacting the manner in which business is done. I believe every business owner has a passion that is a source of great motivation. Mine is about finding ways to create positive social change through business.

As a privately held business, we emphasize long term financial health in order to invest in our customers, employees, and community. I have developed a love of business because it keeps me on my toes addressing the daily challenges of reducing risks and leveraging opportunities. I enjoy my work and the journey that I (along with fellow Rhino employees) have traveled since founding the business with my wife Anne in 1981.

As a relatively small company, our employees believe developing and making products for some of the largest food companies in the world, the right venue for our creative energies. I am very proud that we co-invented the number one ice cream flavor innovation in the last thirty years, we created the number two best-selling ice cream novelty in C-stores for a three year period, and we developed the best-selling reduced-fat retail cheesecake for ten years.

Though my passion keeps me deeply engaged at Rhino, my family has always come first in my life. I am fortunate that my wife, Anne, has been supportive of the time and efforts it takes to own and grow our business. Anne and I, along with our sons Ned and Rooney, have always enjoyed being active together in sports, travel, or at home.  We are now “empty nesters” but still enjoy having our family nearby.