For a great introduction to the meaning and impact of Rhino Foods’ Income Advance Program please watch our video, “The Freezer Geezer”, starring Rhino’s very own Paul Phillips.

Rhino Foods’ Income Advance Program was developed in response to requests from employees for “loans”. While payroll advances addressed the immediate need it did nothing to address the root problem and was difficult to administer in a fair and consistent way.  Rhino was dedicated to finding a solution and the Income Advance Program was born.

In partnership with North Country Federal Credit Union, we offer this program as a benefit to all Rhino Foods’ employees that guarantees same day access to $1,000 for emergency or unplanned needs. The advance is repaid through weekly payroll deductions.

This program has been an overwhelming success.  For the employee the program reduces stress, improves credit, and increases savings.  The return for the company is reduced absenteeism, higher morale and a more focused employee.  To learn more please head over to the Rhino Foods Foundation site for information and technical assistance.