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You need to know that when you bring in a new ingredient or a new supplier that the highest food safety standards are met, the ingredient will always be within specification, and you’ll receive it when promised.  We understand this.  We have worked with the largest brands in the ice cream industry for decades and met their quality, safety, and product expectations.

Quality and Food Safety

We’ve produced ready-to-eat ingredients for ice cream and frozen desserts for over 30 years.  Running a commercial facility that produces ready-to-eat products requires knowledge of the specific challenges this creates and expertise mitigating and eliminating risk. In ensuring our food safety, we have a robust program that is grounded in four main preventive controls: Allergen, Sanitation, Supply Chain, and Processing.

Food safety best practices strongly informed the 2018 design of our expanded production facility and renovations to our labs and warehouses. We ensure the quality of our cookie doughs and other bakery-style inclusions through extensive micro testing of ingredients and finished products, physical inspections, environmental monitoring, positive release of all finished products, and on-going employee training.


Our focus and efforts position us to continuously met the high standards required to be an industry leader.  In 2022, we received an AA grade for the fifth year in a row on our BRC Global Standards for Food Safety rigorous audit.

Development and Innovation

You need an ingredient that supports your flavor concept, is on trend, meets your price point, holds up over time in your product, and runs well on your production floor.  All the above and it must taste great.  We think of this challenge as balancing the art and science of product development.

At Rhino Foods, this discipline is led by our head of R&D Dale Conoscenti, Certified Research Chef.  Dale brings over 40 years of experience as a chef, restaurateur, creator of premium ice cream flavors for a leading global brand, and long tenure at Rhino focused on creating appetizing, easy-to-use inclusions.

Inspiration for the creation of new products is found in food trends emerging from many sources from high-end restaurants to global street foods to the grocery store aisle.  We consider how the development of trends reflect consumers’ evolving expectations for flavor, texture, ingredient quality, ethical sourcing, and beyond.  R&D captures this vision and mixes it with their creativity and culinary expertise to develop new pieces and ice cream flavor concepts to share with customers.  What results: flavor innovation that helps spark our customers’ development of their next great product.

We also find great success collaborating with customers to commercialize bakery-style inclusion concepts their R&D or marketing team develop.  If everything we’ll ever sell is already on our shelf, where is the fun in that? Come to us with your ingredient or flavor idea and our R&D team will partner with you to bring your vision from concept to commercialization