DIY Summer Desserts: A Warm Breeze With Notes of Freshly Baked Brownies, Cake and Cookie Dough

May 8, 2020 at 01:34pm

The long awaited spring air gets our Vermont crew excited about the season’s most delightful treats, so we wanted to share some Rhino-inspired DIY dessert ideas. We’re pretty sure those lingering kiddos will agree that this is the most fun activity of the day.

From creamy to crunchy, light to rich, fruity to chunky, we’ve got you covered. We like to think of ourselves as champions of dessert, but we are an inclusive bunch. So join us, and focus your energy on a few warm weather treats that will bring your family circling ‘round. Simple, tasty, and oh so delicious.

Pound Cake Parfait

It’s about time for that afternoon garden party. All you need is the backyard, a picnic table and an enticing treat to draw in your favorite people (6 feet apart, of course!). To keep this one on the lighter side, we recommend greek yogurt (but we certainly won’t judge if you crank it up a notch with some rich vanilla ice-cream!). Dish out your favorite fruits – we love the tasty combination of blueberries, raspberries and sliced kiwi (and the complimentary colors are pretty joyful). Top it off with pieces of buttery, melt-in-your-mouth pound cake. Why not make it a dessert bar so you can kick up your feet and kick off the summer months. Who doesn’t love to dish out their own? Not too much, not too little, but just right.

Ooey Gooey Ice Cream Brownie Stack

So simple, yet so good—why didn’t you think of that?! Maybe you did. Get it started with your reliable brownie recipe – we love it cakey on the outside and fudgy on the inside like this recipe. Layer in some rich vanilla ice cream, top with homemade whipped cream, and sprinkle with little brownie pieces and raspberries. We don’t suggest eating this like a sandwich, but we do recommend going all in. If you haven’t kicked your feet up yet, this might help get you there.

Cookie Dough Drumstick

Our favorite desserts have a nice knack of bringing back memories of childhood, and we can all use a dose of that carefree summer feeling. What’s more reminiscent of childhood than a drumstick served up by the neighborhood ice cream truck? We encourage you to elevate this experience the Rhino way – chocolate chip cookie dough on top of chocolate chip cookie dough. And we’ll take any excuse to enjoy the special buttery crunch of a waffle cone. So we grabbed a pint of cookie dough ice cream, packed our waffle cone, and drizzled some melted Nutella on top. Add Ben and Jerry’s snackable cookie dough chunks and sprinkles, and you have a drumstick with 2020 dessert vision. Cheers to that!

Flavor, texture, color, and sweet combinations are just a few of our favorite things. Fortunately, for us and our kindred spirits out there, sweet treats are a winner no matter your age, the season, or the setting. They bring us together in times of celebration, and they can also be cause for celebration. Sometimes, that’s just what the doctor ordered.