Three Can’t-Miss Holiday Desserts With a Cookie Dough Twist

November 25, 2020 at 10:51am

It’s a beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight, walking in a winter wonderland of sweet holiday treats filled with our favorite desserts. As the holidays descend upon the soon-to-be snow covered pines and peaks of Vermont, we’ve got three iconic holiday desserts dressed up with a chocolatey, chewy Rhino twist that’ll satisfy every sweet tooth from here to the North Pole. Hand selected by our team for their ease of preparation, decadent flavor combos and the fact that our tasty snackable dough pieces take these traditional holiday treats to a Whole. ‘Nother. Level. We’ve got a pie, a cake and a cookie recipe so no matter what confection you’re in the mood for, you’ll have tasty, easy-to-make treats packed with delicious sweet and salty ingredients to make, share, eat and repeat.

Cookie Dough Pie with Graham Cracker Crust

All the pie, without the baking. This no-bake cookie dough pie provides the ease of store bought, but with the care and charm of homemade. Using a pre-made, crumbly, honey-kissed graham cracker base provides just the right amount of hearty texture to house the sweet, creamy filling. This tasty pie filling (that’s also the easiest to make) is simply a half-and-half blend of Cool Whip and Greek vanilla yogurt. That being said, there’s no “right” amount for each as long as you end up with a creamy, silky, sweet mixture to fill in the crust! Topped liberally with chewy cookie dough pieces, this whole pie comes together in about five minutes. We’d recommend popping the pie in the freezer overnight for an optimal set. Just before you’re ready to serve, perhaps a few more chocolate chip cookie dough pieces?! (We threw some brownie pieces on too. Why not?!)

Zebra Cake with Cookie Dough Pieces

This take on zebra cake, the wartime staple popularized by the rationing of kitchen supplies by creative, thrifty World War II bakers, is the perfect blend of old school holiday spirit and the gooey spoils of today’s advanced cookie technologies. Homemade whipped cream packed on the inside and slathered on the outside gives a rich, light, creamy finish to this classic zebra cake recipe. The Rhino twist on this time-honored recipe comes from the addition of cookie dough pieces in between each of the crisp-turned-soft chocolate cookie wafers. These chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough provide surprise bits of flavor and give you something to chew on as you discover morsel after morsel amidst the creamy filling inside. For the sake of all things yummy, we recommend sprinkling the finished, whipped cream frosted cake log with one final touch of cookie dough bits.

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cookies

Any time “cookie dough” and “cookie” are both part of a dessert’s title, you know you’re in for a treat. This chocolatey, buttery cookie would be delicious all on its own, but the real reason that people will come back for more plate after plate, year after year, is the ooey-gooey, crunchy, sweet and salty toffee and walnuts added to the batter just before baking. And why not add just one more ingredient– chocolate cookie dough pieces, of course! It’s a bonafide chocolate lover’s paradise, packed with chocolate chip cookie dough bits, sticky toffee and the mild crunch of chopped walnuts. Flecked with sea salt on top, these chocolate cookie dough cookies are peak holiday cookie wonderful-ness.

We hope you and your loved ones make some fun in the kitchen with these cookie dough delights. In a season of uncertainty, we’re sure these delicious treats will bring a welcome bite of comfort and cheer as we ring out this year together. From all of us at Rhino, happy holidays and may all your dessert-filled dreams come true this year.