Companies that Care: The Essence of the B Corp Community

February 3, 2020 at 09:00am

We think more businesses should be built on a foundation of compassion and kindness instead of a narrow focus on the bottom line. Making a commitment to bettering the lives of employees and embracing better business practices can be the new norm. At Rhino, we’re honored to be a B Corporation helping drive the growing cultural shift towards building a more conscious, sustainable, and compassionate business community for the benefit of everyone.

Companies that care: That’s the essence of this global initiative. With the rise of Brand Democracy—the idea that every dollar we spend as consumers is a vote for our values with an impact on our future—more people are putting their faith in brands to usher in needed change, and businesses are taking up the call to action. In the 13 years since B Lab was founded, more than 3,200 Certified B Corps from around the world have joined the movement, embracing the idea that business can be a powerful force for good.

How Being a B Corporation Aligns with the Rhino Way

Going through the rigorous process of becoming a Certified B Corporation is one of the ways companies can hold themselves (legally) accountable for their impact and show commitment to creating meaningful change.

Applicants must pass a detailed B Impact Assessment, measuring the last 12 months of “performance,” with a focus on the impact a business has on its employees, the environment, its customers, and the community at large. The growing popularity of B Corps proves that companies can balance finding financial success while driving positive social and economic change.

Our responsibility isn’t just to make delicious products—it’s to find new ways to improve every facet of our work towards creating a culture that thrives on compassion for others and consciousness about the needs of our community.

Ongoing initiatives for Rhinos, like our Income Advancement Program, unique hiring practices, and on-site English Language Learners Program, are central to our idea of what a better business community can look like. Other practices we’ve adopted as part of the Rhino Way—including transparency through open book management practices and incentive programs that reward safety, quality, and productivity—help further our goal of doing good and being the best we can be for our people.

Why We Love Being a B Corporation

In 2020, good business is so much more than a bottom line. Here are just a few reasons why we love being a Certified B Corporation and it is imperative to what we do.

  • The B Corp Community – We get to be a part of an inspiring global B Economy community, alongside innovators like Patagonia, Klean Kanteen, Burton, New Belgium Brewing Co., and more.
  • We’re helping to impact the way business is done – The more businesses that adopt new models for success, social growth, and supporting economic stability beyond their walls, the more we can influence others to follow suit.
  • Building towards greater economic sustainability – As part of a movement that embraces the strength and prosperity of the whole, we can strive to be our best for the betterment of everyone on a global scale.

We want to inspire other companies to join the effort to grow together, continuously pushing for meaningful ways to operate sustainably. To be a force for positive change is worth every ounce of effort it takes. It’s time. Our world needs us.