Rooney Castle

Vice President
Rooney Castle

Growing up, I was continuously asked if I ever planned to join the family business. Time and time again, I would answer with a definitive “no”, as it would have impeded my plans to become the next Wayne Gretzky. However, as time went by and my hopes of becoming the next “Great One” slipped away, I began to learn more about Rhino Foods. As a child I only knew it was the home of the locally famous Chessters ice cream sandwich and the birthplace of the iconic cookie dough that goes into Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream. As I began to invest both time and interest in the business my parents had created, I discovered there was more to Rhino Foods than just delicious treats.  My father’s passion for doing things the right way and understanding how a conscientious employer can impact employees’ lives outside of work is something to admire and emulate.  It is this “do right” mentality, spread across all aspects of the business that attracted me to becoming a full time rhino.

In 2011, I started working at Rhino Foods on the production floor as a batter maker. The most important byproduct of my 8 months batter making was undoubtedly the relationships I developed with other rhinos and the knowledge I gained about what it takes to make our products.

I moved on to other roles giving me broad experience in other aspects of the business. This flexibility and exposure to a variety of learning opportunities is what makes me an engaged, versatile and happy rhino.

Now the question I am most frequently asked has become “when do you plan on taking over the reins of the family business?” to which I most politely respond, “I’m in no hurry.”