Kim Underhill

People Partner, Employee Benefits
Kim Underhill

In 1999, I found myself searching for a job in Human Resources.  I wanted to be part of a company that had a good reputation and happily began my career at Rhino Foods. I am one of Rhino’s People Partners with a primary focus on Employee Benefits.

I have worked in the field of Human Resources since 1987.  I find the world of HR to be exciting and challenging every day.  The benefits arena is never stagnant – there are always changes happening with the rules of insurance, the employment laws, compliance regulations, insurance vendors, and people’s needs change too.  I am passionate about helping our employees understand the importance of insurance and understand the benefits we offer. I often find myself explaining how insurance works to an employee from another country. We have such a diverse workforce that I am always learning to appreciate other cultures and appreciate being part of the Rhino family.

The fact that Rhino is so involved in our community and known for our Workplace Practices is a bonus in my eyes. Prior to Rhino, I had already been involved in community efforts with the United Way and through my church. In my role in our People & Culture department, and as part of the Rhino Cares team, I am able to be a key player in helping Rhino live out our Community Principle.

I truly care about helping other people so it’s a natural fit for me to work with employee benefits, planning our company functions, and working on our Wellbeing initiative. The employees at Rhino are the reason coming to work every day is such a pleasure.  Every day I wake up and hope that I can make a difference by helping at least one person.

My overall wellbeing outside of Rhino is stimulated by group fitness classes and walking, volunteering at my church, relaxing with a good book, indulging in some movie or TV time, and at least one beach trip a year to relax with my family. Being a wife and a mother has filled me with much joy. Facetime and texting keeps me in touch with my children and holidays are extra special when they come home. Being a mother was good training for taking care of others and it is not uncommon to hear an employee say “Thank you Mom” or “You’re like a mother” to me!