Jenny Sullivan

Sales Account Manager
Jenny Sullivan

As Rhino Foods’ Sales Account Manager, I work in various realms of our customer value stream. From on-boarding new customers to championing special projects that advance service levels, customer satisfaction is my primary focus throughout.  I can’t conjure a better purpose than being at the service of others and cultivating trust in relationships. To that end, I’m truly an ear for our customer and their voice within Rhino Foods.

Wherever my responsibilities position me, I work to balance precision with flexibility, optimism with honesty, and competence with lightheartedness. In support of our Certified B Corporation status, and as a standing member on Rhino’s “B Team”, I am charged with bringing the company’s Purpose, Principles and Vision (PPV) to life in the form of continuous improvements, leading aspects of the “next big thing”, and marrying heritage with progress with the aim of being the best company we can be.

It is the utmost motivating and meaningful thing to hear from our customers that they enjoy working with Rhino Foods as I too am deeply inspired by the commitment, comradery and diversity here. Respect, calculated progress, quality and inclusivity form Rhino Foods’ DNA. It’s evident in the way colleagues treat one another despite role or rank, in the superiority of the product produced shift after shift, within the daily narratives spoken by our leaders and Ted Castle himself, and in the initiatives rooted in Rhino Foods’ PPV. We care about those we work with internally and those we serve externally. We care deeply about results, but not at the expense of our people. What ensue are intentional values, a relationship ethos, and a culture that is lived, not merely written on the wall (but we do that too, in complete celebration of all that we accomplish).

When I’m not in the office or traveling with our Sales team to visit our clients, I’m adventuring with my significant other and pup Maggie Mae. You’ll most likely find us rock climbing, carving down or scrambling up a mountain, surfing the East Coast, or hanging on the family farm.