Innovation Station: World Class Improvements to Our Facility

What once felt like a huge facility no longer did. We needed more production capacity and we just needed more space for the size of company we’d become. Read what we did, why we did it, and how the work supports best-in-class food safety and quality standards. Cookie dough is a lot of fun, but making it properly is serious business.

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On Becoming the World’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream Experts

Don’t take cookie dough ice cream for granted, it might never have come to grocery store shelves if Rhino Foods and Ben & Jerry’s hadn’t worked together for 18 months to get it right. Read how it came about and watch Ted explain the journey to create this amazingly popular flavor.

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Go Big: Scaling Up the Income Advance Program

Our Income Advance Program, providing guaranteed same day access to a $1000 loan for employees, is a proven success for Rhino Foods and over 50 companies in America. This year, we partnered with Talent Rewire to support piloting our program with a 2,000 employee national clothing manufacturer. Read more about the work done to successfully scale up this innovative workplace practice.

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