A Rhino Welcome to Our New Sales and Marketing Director, Rachel Moss

August 21, 2020 at 11:49am

Remember jack-in-the-box? Anticipation, followed by joyful surprise. We’ve been working for some time to find Rhino’s next Sales and Marketing Director, and Rachel Moss has finally arrived! Having joined us in July, she’s just digging into the endless opportunity she’ll have to help unleash our expertise and amplify our impact.

Experienced and driven, she brings a deep passion for the B Corp movement, enthusiasm for products done right, and the sales and marketing chops we were looking for. Rachel is going to have an incredible effect, strengthening both our customer relationships and growing the impact of our mission.

Pull up a chair and we’ll introduce you.

Tell us about your background — where are you coming from? 

My undergrad degree is in political science. I started my career in electoral politics and worked on a variety of campaigns all around the country for several years. I got into politics to affect change and have a positive impact on people’s lives. I moved to Burlington and after about five years, shifted my focus to a local non-profit. I wanted to be involved and make a difference in the community I lived in. As the Director of Development at the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf, I worked with local businesses helping them plug into volunteerism. It was a real aha moment – I saw how much impact those businesses could have on the people we were serving. 

I wanted a career shift – to get involved with a business that was positively impacting people’s lives and their communities. I decided to get an MBA at Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and it was amazing. I had the opportunity to connect with some really cool businesses, and that is how I discovered the B Corp movement. Using business as a force for good resonated with the theme of my entire career. From there, I landed at Seventh Generation. I worked on the brand team in a variety of roles for about six years: everything from helping to revamp diaper packaging, to running innovation for the home-care business, to launching the brand globally through digital marketing. I loved being part of a company with such a strong mission around social and environmental justice. No matter where I went next, that was something I wanted to continue. 

I left to try to my hand at starting my own company, a sustainable feminist swimwear brand. Then COVID hit, and I had to put that dream aside. It was a tough decision but ultimately it seemed the stars aligned, because Rhino appeared. I feel so fortunate to find a job with a company that shares my values and can benefit from my skills and experience. I’m excited!

What are you most excited about?

From my perspective, Rhino is brimming with untapped potential. We are in a great position for renewed recognition for the quality of our products, and equally for our workplace practices and commitment to being a socially responsible business. My role is to find ways to further unleash it all.

We have such deep expertise in the ice cream and inclusion world. I’m excited to collaborate closely with our customers as we expand our ready-to-eat capabilities with innovative concepts and ready to bring new customers into the fold, who previously might not have found a fit with Rhino. 

And of course, I’m excited to amplify our commitment to using business as a force for good, which is more relevant today than ever. When it comes to our innovative workplace practices that are rooted in a belief that businesses have a responsibility to invest in the people working for them, to treat everyone with decency and respect, to provide the tools they need to be successful, Rhino’s ripple effect is something I’m excited to grow. As more businesses engage in bettering their workplace, we can provide the model for how it works and have a greater impact on the way business is done. 

So what’s next, in terms of your marketing vision? 

The opportunity seems endless. And we look at marketing differently. It’s more than shiny Instagram ads, PR, a fancy website, or even the bottom line. It’s holistic and about making smart decisions that balance purpose and profit. I’m really excited to be joining when we are kicking off another round of our long-term strategic planning process. I love planning and visioning for the future, and I believe it will further our ability to serve our customers the best we can, and also positively impact the way business is done. We have a great foundation, and it’s time to turn up the volume. 

It’s serendipitous. Looking at the bright side of our world-turned-upside-down, Rachel put her budding start-up on hold as COVID hit, and found Rhino in her search for work that mattered. We’re always looking for kindred spirits to join the team, and Rachel is all that and more. We’re looking forward to her fresh perspective and expertise on the journey ahead!