Meet our Resource Coordinator: Surrounding Employees with Support

October 4, 2021 at 10:23am

The key to the resiliency and success of a business lies within the resiliency and success of each employee. At Rhino, we support our employees however we can, and in turn, they put their best foot forward at work and support the business’s goals. A key piece of our support system is our partnership with the United Way Working Bridges Program.

We’ve had a long-standing partnership with United Way, but in 2021 we sought out support from the Vermont Community Foundation to pilot a new 20 hour a week program. This program has allowed us to have Resource Coordinator Maia from United Way on-site with us twenty hours a week. Before this pilot program, we had a Resource Coordinator on site 3-6 hours a week. This new program means employees from every shift have access to the resources Maia has to offer and a significant increase in accessibility, especially for our third shift workers who are ending their day as the sun rises.

Maia, our Resource Coordinator

The United Way Working Bridges program aims to minimize barriers to employment and support employees’ needs to be successful and improve their lives. During Maia’s on-site hours, Rhinos can find her working in the Crash Cafe. There’s an option to sign up for appointments, but often staff go to Maia during breaks and before and after their shifts. Stopping by last minute is more than welcomed and keeps Maia’s days with us busy and meaningful!

Employee Crash Cafe

Rhinos first meet Maia during their New Employee orientation so that she’s a familiar and friendly face from the start, setting the stage for a close relationship with the Rhino family. As a confidential and third-party resource, Maia compliments our in-house People and Culture team.

She’s the go-to person for anything a Rhino may need assistance with, from housing questions to recovery resources to support through a family matter. Whatever a Rhino may need support with, Maia has a resource for them. Often, one employee asks Maia questions, shares what they’ve learned with their coworkers, and as a result, more Rhinos go to her to connect.  For our employees who are most comfortable speaking in a language besides English, we have translation services available.

When asked what her favorite part about working with Rhino is, Maia said, “it’s a diverse culture that you don’t often experience in a lot of other work settings. I like being able to hear the different languages and the micro-communities. It’s just very welcoming. Because I sit in the cafe, people say good morning and goodnight.”

Thank you to Maia and United Way for all their support! We highly encourage all Rhinos to chat with Maia and take advantage of the wonderful resources she is equipped with.