We’ve been making homemade looking ice cream cookie sandwiches from the start of our business.  First came the Chesster, our own Custard Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich, that quickly became a local favorite.  We expanded our line and grew it to create bulk-packed cookie sandwiches for a number of global and national brands.  With consolidation in the ice cream industry, some items were brought back in-house by customers.

As the marketplace evolved and more artisanal and niche ice cream novelites came to market, the interest in our type of product continued.  The challenge was aligning desired volumes with the speeds at which we run.  Designed to run to meet demands for truckloads of product, most companies looking to take the next step to partnering with a co-packer found our minimum volumes too high.

In parallel, our core business producing ready-to-eat cookie doughs and baked inclusions for frozen application continued to growStrategically we saw new opportunities and are investing in new capabilities we are excited to announce in early 2020 that are better aligned with our core business.  It is with this background and an eye on our future, that we have decided to discontinue the ice cream novelty line effective January 2020.  This will allow us the physical space to streamline how we run our other lines and allow the organization to focus our expertise and innovation.

Thank you to all our great novelty customers over the past 25 plus years and good luck to the next small company that’s out there with an incredible line of ice cream novelties that we’ll all know about in five years.