We’re very lucky.  For over 25 years, we’ve been snacking on cookie dough pieces during morning Quality Assurance product evaluations and been able to call it work. We knew how good cookie dough tasted alone, never mind adding ice cream, and knew if we had the proper retail packaging line, we could share this treat with the public. We just needed to wait for a few things to fall into place.

Most of us grew up eating cookie dough right out of the bowl (we recommend you don’t) and the emergence of popular scoop-able dough cafes speak to this nostalgic pleasure. Manufacturers followed the trend with containers of edible raw cookie dough sold in grocery stores.

We had many customers coming to us for retail scoop-able doughs, but we kept thinking about our morning product evaluations and the snacking trend that continues to grow. When a large customer came to us to discuss, we shared our idea of pouching cookie dough pieces, and the timing was finally right.

As a ready-to-eat food manufacturing plant, with decades of experience formulating and manufacturing edible cookie doughs and baked pieces for the ice cream industry, we’re uniquely positioned to produce safe, delicious, retail packaged product.

Beyond our own products, we are able to pouch other ambient or frozen food pieces to support bringing your concept to market.

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Pouching Line Capabilities

  • Minimum Run: 30,000 pouches
  • Pouch Material: from full barrier to recyclable material
  • Pouch Dimension Parameters: Width 3.9 – 11 inches, Length 5.9 –  13.8 inches
  • Pouch Fill Weight Parameters: 4 ounces to 2 pounds
  • Product: ambient to frozen ready-to-eat food pieces