Our founder, Ted, grew up in Rochester, New York, happily eating frozen custard from Abbott’s.  Moving to Vermont for college and later to assistant coach hockey at the University of Vermont, Ted missed this Western New York specialty.  In the early 1980s, Ted and his wife, Anne, opened Chessy’s Frozen Custard shop bringing his favorite treat to the Burlington area in the form of Chessters frozen custard cookie sandwich.  Originally the cookies were baked at the store and the frozen custard was hand-scooped to create the very handmade sandwich.

As Chessy’s evolved into Rhino Foods we continued to make Chessters. The production line became increasingly sophisticated with most of the capacity used to produce ice cream cookie sandwiches for a number of global and national brands. And so, it was for twenty plus years . . .

At the end of 2019, with continued strong growth in our core cookie dough and baked inclusion business, we determined it was time to exit the production of ice cream cookie sandwiches.  We knew this was a good business decision, but sadly this looked like it would mean the end of our Chessters.  That didn’t feel good – it’s a great tasting product; it has a committed fan base.

So, we went looking for someone that had the capability to make and the desire to grow the sales of our beloved Chessters.  We are very close to figuring this out, when we have worked out all the details, we’ll keep you posted on this page.