Our Story


Rhino Foods began in 1981 as a small ice cream shop in Winooski, Vermont, called Chessy's Frozen Custard. The founder, Ted Castle, continues to own and operate the business out of Burlington, Vermont, employing over 100 people. We proudly produce products for the best ice cream and frozen dessert companies in the world. The foundation of Rhino's success is built on Ted's unwavering commitment to our Purpose and four core Principles. Our Purpose and Principles have guided Rhino's growth for over three decades and will continue to do so in the future. In fact, every new employee spends an hour with Ted learning about our Purpose and Principles during their first days at Rhino Foods. 

Our Purpose: To Impact the Manner in Which Business is Done


Our Principles:


Community Principle: We commit time, energy, and financial resources to improve social and environmental conditions. Our actions are intended to create a ripple effect of caring and involvement that influence first ourselves and then others.


Customer/Supplier Principle: We continually strive to delight our customers and partner with our suppliers, building strong relationships that are aligned with each other's long-term success.


Employee Principle: We establish relationships with our employees and their families founded upon a climate of mutual trust and respect within an environment for listening and personal expression. We provide a vehicle for our people to develop and achieve their personal and professional aspirations.


Finance Principle: We emphasize long-term financial health in order to invest in our employees, customers, and community.