Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

Rhino specializes in the development and manufacture of ice cream novelties that have a premium appearance and taste. 


Our specialty is co-packing homemade looking ice cream cookie sandwiches.  Our manufacturing process combines automation and hand labor to optimize the balance between appearance and output.  We deposit a "pillow" of ice cream on each product we produce which creates a truly unique, premium appearance.   Products we produce are sold in multiple retail channels in North America and Europe.   


Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Chip Cookies

A pillow of vanilla ice cream between two chocolate chip cookies.

Chocolate Swirl Cookies with Vanilla Ice Cream

A pillow of vanilla ice cream between two chocolate swirl cookies.

Coated with Chocolate Chips

Ice cream cookie sandwich rolled with chocolate chips.

Double Chocolate Cookies with Mint Ice Cream

A pillow of mint ice cream between two chocolate chocolate chip cookies.

Custom Development to Customer Specifications

We love working with our customers to develop new and exciting combinations. 


We've developed and produced premium ice cream cookie sandwiches for close to 30 years.  It all started in 1983 with our own product - Chessters.  Chessters are still the #1 selling ice cream cookie sandwich in Vermont.  Since then, Rhino has produced millions of premium ice cream cookie sandwiches for some of the largest frozen dessert brands in the world.

Manufacturing Specifications

Mix: 10-14% butter fat

Cookie diameter: 2.25" - 4"

Size: 2.4 - 7.5 fluid ounces

These ranges are typical but we will gladly work with our customers to design and formulate a product that fits their needs. 


We can produce novelties to specification to be sold in convenience stores, club stores, and food service channels.